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We invite you to join your peers in the Government Technology & Services Coalition to participate in the foremost community of public and private sector professionals working to secure our nation.

Promote the value of mission-focused companies;

Develop the partners and relationships — across small, mid- and large companies –to pursue successful bids;

Build your internal capacity to provide the best services and execution possible;

Find mentor relationships and network with primes and subs;

Share best practices and identify key issues and trends affecting your clients and your company;

Collaborate with other like businesses to combine strengths and increase viability;

Forward your thought leadership and innovation through action groups, collaborative conversations with our partners and public events;

Strengthen the homeland and national security community by giving back through employing our veterans and supporting charitable organizations that contribute to our community;

Identify opportunities for joint-marketing capabilities and public relations activities to give you an edge in today’s competitive environment.

For a complete overview of GTSC, click on our Annual Report to see:

>>Monthly Events & Meetings with Key Leaders

Networking with your peers and hearing from those making the decisions that will make or break your business is critical. Only two to four hours per month guarantees you an inside look at the plans, policies and processes that impact your bottom line and must inform your path to success.

>>A Community of Companies Working in the Homeland & National Security

Homeland and national security are constantly converging…decreased budgets and increased missions are forcing more agile, efficient use of our resources. Our community of companies working in the security sector to assist in information sharing, cyber security, physical and IT security among the many other areas necessary to secure our public and private sector infrastructure makes your networking and relationship building more targeted and more effective.

>>Business Development Support

GTSC provides a host of services and activities to increase your understanding of upcoming opportunities, help find the right partners, navigate the complex corporate structures, and meet your potential clients and teaming partners.  From agency specific business development, to broader strategy, GTSC provides a one-stop-shop for your strategic and tactical business development needs.

>>A Collective Voice

While one small company may not be able to move mountains, the collective voice of GTSC can. The power of GTSC is in our collective voice on behalf of the businesses that generate the innovation, ideas and products that can secure our nation today.

>>A Host of Supporting Services

One company’s threat may be another’s opportunity. If you find that you need additional services – legal, lobbying, financial – the GTSC offers these supporting services with the foremost professionals in the business. All offered a la carte so you only pay for what you need.


GTSC is a non-profit organization.  The “backbone” of our existence is our membership dues — not fees and add-ons once you join.  We believe in creating an environment that rewards those investing in a trusted community of mission-oriented CEOs that care deeply about the security of our nation, and the execution of our homeland and national security strategies.   Our dues are based on revenue to assure that companies of ANY size have an affordable way to connect with others in a trusted environment of peers.  There is no individual or pay-as-you-go option.

We invite you to join us at an upcoming event as a guest to see what we do first hand. Our CEO would be happy to meet with you as well to discuss all the services of our organization.

If you are a Federal contractor, or are interested in doing business in homeland or national security, please email us at to sign up, or set up a time to learn more.

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