The Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC) inconstantly developing a cadre of people around different areas of need—brought to our attention by our members!  These “action groups” are formed to execute specific tasks—they are not meant to be long-standing “committees” rather, groups assigned to the needs of one of our agencies, a challenge brought up by a member company or both.  

Emerging Small Business Group

The Emerging Small Business Group is open to GTSC members with revenue <$2.5 million. It focuses on understanding the numerous challenges of starting/growing a small business in the Federal space and marshaling GTSC’s vast resources of peers, owners, mentors, subject matter experts and online virtual tools to provide our emerging small business members the knowledge and techniques they need to meet the challenges of growing a business.

Chair: Earl Holland, CEO, Growth Strategy Consultants

Contact:            Website:

Here are the upcoming topics for our ESBG meetings. Please check here for registration!

Human Capital and Learning Action Group Purpose

In a time of shrinking budgets and growing demands the federal workforce, in particular federal managers and leaders, is facing new, evolving and complex challenges. In order to face these challenges and meet Agency missions there’s a government-wide focus on improving human capital practices to ensure that organizations have the right people, in the right jobs, at the right time, with the right skills.

The purpose of the GTSC Human Capital and Learning Action Group is for Government and Industry to discuss workforce related challenges and to share ideas, solutions, prototypes, and best practices that will enhance the value of human capital, promote workplace agility, improve learning and lead to high-performing organizations.  If you are interested in learning more about this action team or would like to join our efforts please reach out for more information.



Sheri Dougherty:


sara kindsfater yerkes

Sara Kindsfater-Yerkes:



Sharie Bourbeau2

Action Group Member:  Sharie Bourbeau, Principal Executive, CBP


International Initiative

GTSC is constantly working on opportunities for our members to find opportunities — domestically and internationally.  RADM Don Loren (ret.) has assumed leadership of the GTSC’s International Initiative and is working with GTSC Strategic Advisor Brandon Declet to work on assisting members understand the international market, constraints and regulations associated with export/import of technology and building relationships with our international partners.  If you are interested in collaborating on this effort, please email us.

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Chair: Donald P. Loren (ret.), CEO, Old Dominion Strategies


Brandon Torres Declet


Strategic Advisor: Brandon Torres Declet, CEO, Southern Crux International & GTSC Strategic Advisor


Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Engagement Group

GTSC receives requests from DHS to review ideas and provide input and feedback to their efforts to improve the communication and input of industry.  To provide them with the highest quality feedback, GTSC has launched an action group with Nicole Geller, CEO of GCS, and Sara Kindsfater-Yerkes, Vice President of TeamCatapult, at the helm. Mary Claire Burrick, CEO of MC Strategy will serve as the liaison to the group on behalf of our Strategic Advisors.  Recently they developed comments on the DHS OPO’s industry engagement plan.  If you are interested in collaborating and participating in this effort, please email us.

Sara Kindsfater Yerkes Photo

Co-Chair: Sara Kindsfater-Yerkes, Managing Partner, The Big Brain Co.



Nicole Geller GCS

Co-Chair: Nicole Geller, CEO, GCS, Inc.



Secure Information, Identity and Intelligence Sharing Initiative

This initiative is focused on providing a foum for an understanding of the needs of law enforcement across Federal, state, local and tribal jurisdictions and bringing the next generation of ideas to assure the highest level of security, safety and collaboration.  Please let us know if you’d like to engage on this subject.

tom hughes headshot gtsc1Chair: Tom Hughes, Director of Product Management, Datamaxx