CAPACITY BUILDING:  Annual GovCon Ethics Training 2/22

CAPACITY BUILDING: Annual GovCon Ethics Training 2/22

No excuses! Every business must train and remind their employees about ethics requirements under the FAR — and GTSC is here to MAKE IT EASY! Attend and send all of your employees to this training to get your annual ethics training certification.
Doing business with the federal government requires a heightened level of commitment to ethics and compliance. Though the specific FAR requirements for small and large businesses differ, the FAR requires

all businesses to conduct themselves with the highest degree of integrity and honesty. It states all businesses should have an employee business ethics and compliance training program that is suitable to the size of the company and extent of its involvement in Government contracting and that facilitates timely discovery and disclosure of improper conduct and ensures corrective measures are promptly instituted and carried out. (FAR 3.1002).

The majority of the headlines we see about non-compliance are related to weak ethical cultures and in many cases, a simple lack of training. Both can result in catastrophic business events. Proper training in ethics is not only required for certain contractors, it serves a vital preventive role. If the unthinkable does happen, a strong ethics and compliance program including effective training in critical compliance risk areas an act as a shield for your company. For example, the actions taken by Ed Snowden were every contractor’s worst nightmare. However, Booz Allen Hamilton was able to highlight in its public statement that his actions were contrary to its corporate values, internal policies, and its code of conduct – on which he had been trained.

Is your company positioned to say the same? If your company finds itself out of compliance, the training your company can show its employees completed may make the difference between no adverse action and suspension or even debarment.

This half-day training session covers risk areas common to most contractors, regardless of industry or size. Even if you have not yet landed a qualifying contract for the FAR ethics program requirements, there is no better time than now to competitively position your company to enhance your business’ reputation for compliant and ethical business practices.

Upon completing this training, GTSC will certify that you and your employees in attendance have completed annual training as required by FAR 52.203-13(c)(1). Attendees are required to attend the ENTIRE session and will sign-in and sign-out to recieve their certificate.


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Amy Hutchens

Amy McDougal is Founder and President of CLEAResources, LLC. Most recently, Amy served as General Counsel and Vice President of Compliance and Ethics Services at Watermark, LLC. Previously, Amy was a Special Assistant United States Attorney and an Air Force Judge Advocate, attaining the rank of Major, before beginning her civilian career as in-house employment law and compliance counsel to a large and diverse government contractor. Amy has a passion for helping organizations do right by their shareholders, employees, clients, customers and communities, and by doing so, mitigates the business risks associated with ethical and compliance failures.

Amy has federal criminal and civil litigation experience, as well as extensive experience advising executive management on personnel and compliance and ethics matters. She has worked with companies large and small, privately held and publicly held, in the commercial and federal contractor sectors, to help them develop and mature the compliance and ethics infrastructure required by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. She has developed, implemented, audited and managed all aspects of compliance and ethics programs including assessing risk, drafting internal policies, training employees at all levels, developing employee codes of conduct, and establishing monitoring and investigative protocols to maximize value and effectiveness in compliance and ethics programs.

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