Join GTSC’s Team for the 3rd Annual Border Heroes Classic Golf Tournament

GTSC has 4 SPOTS available for a team at Border Patrol Heroes Annual Golf Tournament!
Enjoy a fun filled day that includes breakfast, boxed lunch, post game buffet with open bar, beverage card during game play, raffle prizes, awards,18 holes of golf, a FREE GTSC polo shirt and good times!
Proceeds benefit the Border Patrol Foundation. Your participation helps to provide for the spouses and families of fallen agents and those in need of support, so see you there! Tickets are only $175.


GTSC’s Member Only NCCIC Tours

GTSC will he holding several exclusive and member only tours at The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center. Limited spots available.

Unclassified NCCIC Tour – August 10, 2017

Classified NCCIC Tour – September 7, 2017
*Required: Submission of Clearance Form 

About NCCIC:
DHS’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) is a 24×7 cyber situational awareness, incident response, and management center that is a national nexus of cyber and communications integration for the Federal Government, intelligence community, and law enforcement.
Click here for more information on NCCIC.


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GTSC & NCOA partner to launch GovCon Academy for Transitioning Veterans

Organizations provide education and resources for Veterans interested in government contracting

Washington, D.C., July 25, 2017 — The Non-Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA), the foremost organization for non-commissioned officers in all branches of the military, and the Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC), the premier non-profit organization for companies in homeland and national security have launched GovCon Academy, a series of online and in-person courses on government contracting for transitioning Veterans.

“NCOA has been hosting Career Expos for our military for over 44 years and we have recently added the GovCon Academy to provide even more resources and opportunities for transitioning military. We launched the Academy at our Job Fair at Nellis Airforce Base during NCOA’s Annual Conference and Business Meeting last week and we are extremely excited about the potential for our members to have such exceptional resources available to them,” said Jon Ostrowski, Executive Director, NCOA.  “I’m sure there are a lot of Vets who would like to help their Commands improve technologies for the field or innovate solutions to existing challenges.”

Courses range from “Is Government Contracting Right for You” to Ethics training, to Business Development, and Cyber Security.  CEO of GTSC Kristina Tanasichuk will Chair the Academy and a number of Strategic Advisors from GTSC have joined the faculty, including: Earl Holland, CEO, Growth Strategy Consultants; Amy McDougal, CEO, CleaResources; and Jackie Santisteban, President, JBS Consulting.  Devon Hewitt, CEO, Protorae Law will join as faculty for understanding the legal maze of contracting.  The courses will provide a combination of in-person training as well as webinars and other web-based resources.

“We believe that Veterans are some of the best candidates to create mission driven contracting firms that understand government requirements and needs, and are committed to solving problems with true innovation,” said Kristina Tanasichuk, CEO of GTSC at the announcement.  The Government Technology & Services Coalition represents nearly 140 companies that work in homeland and national security across the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, State, Treasury and the Intelligence Community.

The NCOA was established in 1960 to enhance and maintain the quality of life for noncommissioned and petty officers in all branches of the Armed Forces, Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, Veterans (separated and retired), widows, and their families.  NCOA is currently a leader in Veterans and Spouse Employment, a strong voice on Capitol Hill and in the Veterans Administration.  The NCOA will be hosting 25 Career Expos across the continental U.S. and Europe in 2017. The goal of the Career Expo program is to connect America’s heroes and their dependents with profitable, meaningful employment.

For more information on NCOA’s GovCon Academy, go to and for more information on GTSC, go to



The Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC) is a nonprofit, non-partisan 501(c)(6) association of companies that work with government partners to achieve mission.  Our vision is to provide an ethical, effective platform to leverage the private sector to bring the best homeland and national security ideas, technologies and innovations to the mission of securing our nation.  GTSC’s mission is to provide exceptional advocacy, capacity building, partnership opportunities and marketing in the Federal security space for small and mid-sized companies and to support and assist our government partners achieve their critical missions with the highest integrity; best and most innovative technologies; and results-based, quality products and services to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to and recover from any terrorist attack or natural disaster. For more information on these mentors and the Government Technology & Services Coalition, please visit or learn about our mid-tier initiative at


The Non Commissioned Officers Association is the premier organization representing the enlisted of our military since 1960, founded to enhance and maintain the quality of life for noncommissioned and petty officers. The voice of the Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, Veterans (separated and retired), widows, and their families, NCOA leads efforts on Veterans and Spouse Employment, Capitol Hill, and at the Veterans Administration on behalf of our nearly 60,000 members.   Learn more at or

Call for Presentations for Capacity Day 2017!

The Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC) is committed to keeping our members up-to-date on the latest developments in the government contracting arena, in addition to informing them of the cutting edge and best practices for their business operations.  To that end, we are hosting a “Capacity Building Day” to give our CEO’s a “shot” of all they need to know to make their business better and stronger.  Have something that will help??  READ ON!

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS: Capacity Building Day 2017, August 17, 2017

GTSC will host a Capacity Building Session, August 17th at CENTRA Technology,  Arlington, VA to help small and mid-tier contractors understand insurance, benefits, compliance, accounting, staffing, legal and contractor specific requirements in homeland and national security (like developing SCIFs, security clearances, etc.) they must understand to have the internal capacity to grow.
We invite vendors to submit a discussion or workshop related to these topics for consideration to speak at this ½ day session. We are looking for substantive presentations that will:
  • Educate companies on current requirements
  • Inform companies of upcoming or recent changes to requirements
  • Identify trends in buying, trends that impact companies and how companies are positioning to address these trends
  • Share new and innovative approaches to the topic
  • “Sales pitches” will not be accepted
  • Apply as speaker or workshop – for speakers (15-30 minute presentations); for workshops, (1-1.5 hours)
Submissions will be accepted until midnight, July 15, 2017.
Please submit:
SUBMIT TO:  Veronika Gajer,  Marketing and Meetings Associate, by July 15.

 GTSC will be incorporating a VENDOR FAIR to Capacity Building 2017!

This year GTSC will host a VENDOR FAIR along with our capacity building day and will have 6 tables available for Vendor-Friends to display their materials and talk with members for $250.

If you’d like to reach 60+ government contracting CEOs, please click here:

Capacity Building Day 2017

The Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC) will host a Capacity Building Session on August 17th to help small and mid-tier contractors understand insurance, benefits, compliance, accounting, staffing, legal and contractor specific requirements in homeland and national security (like developing SCIFs, security clearances, etc.) they must understand to have the internal capacity to grow.

This is your once a year check-in to assure your enterprise is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.



Confirmed Keynotes:

George Price, Director, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business, U.S. Department of State  BIO

Carla Thomas, Industry Liaison, U.S. Department of Homeland Security BIO

Alisa Sheard, Business Opportunity Specialist- 8(a) BD, U.S. Small Business Administration BIO

Susan Nichols, Program Director, Small Business Programs Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency BIO

Confirmed Presentations:

Strategies for Winning Government Business
Jackie Santisteban, President, The Government Sales Advisors BIO

Developing Your Strategic Partnerships for Long Term Growth
Earl Holland, CEO, Growth Strategy Consultants, LLC BIO

Solution Architecture/Proposal Architecture
Kevin Marshall, Vice President, Wolf Den Associates BIO

Winning Technical-Challenge Based Procurements
Ben Morris, Partner, STSI BIO

Protest Procedures and Trends
Devon Hewitt, Partner, Protorae Law PPLC BIO

Cyber Readiness and Hygiene for Government Contractors
John Harrison, Director, Cybersecurity Services, DAR Partners BIO

Software Defined Perimeter – A New Paradigm for Securing Digital Infrastructures/Systems
Juanita Koilpillai, CEO & Founder, Waverly Labs BIO

NIST 800-171 Simplifying CUI and DFARS Compliance
Maria Horton, Founder & CEO, EmeSec BIO

Demystifying the Facility & Security Clearance Process to Include the New Insider Threat Implementation Requirement
Diane Griffin, Founder & CEO, Security First & Associates BIO

GTSC will be incorporating a VENDOR FAIR to Capacity Building 2017!

This year GTSC will host a VENDOR FAIR along with our capacity building day and will have 6 tables available for Vendor-Friends to display their materials and talk with members for $250.

If you’d like to reach 60+ government contracting CEOs, please click here:

Mega MatchMaking Session 2017

Are you looking for Mentor-Protege partners? New small business contacts that already understand the government market in DHS, DOD, ODNI, DOJ, Treasury or State?

Are you looking for great Mentor partners?


Join us for a unique and diverse matchmaking open to firms with capabilities in: 

  • Financial management
  • Information Technology
  • Business process improvement
  • Project management
  • Strategy
  • Identity management
  • Configuration management
  • Help desk/call center support
  • Warfighter support services
  • C4ISR experience
  • Maritime/Port security operations services
  • Wireless network technical support
  • Information security/information assurance
  • IA support fo validation testing
  • Logistics support
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Training courseware capabilities
  • Intelligence community IT services
  • and more!!!

“What a fabulous event yesterday!!! The matchmaking was one- if not the best one- I have been to. Everyone I was set up with had a need for DAI’s type of work-the back corner networking led to meeting three companies I could potentially work with-NGA representative is looking for companies that fit our capabilities-some great connections!”

–Dr. Sheri Dougherty, President DAI

“I wanted to let you know that the Eagle II matchmaking session was among the best I’ve ever been to. So many other matchmaking sessions, you only get 5 minutes but waste so much time waiting in line to speak with someone. And all the companies that were there actually seemed interested in teaming, rather than just being there to check a box. Another great event – thank you!” 

— Mary Clare Gumbleton, Wolverine Group

Tentative Schedule

8:00 am Registration Check-In

8:30 am Introduction and Logistics

9:00 am Matchmaking session

12:00 pm Adjourn


Join GSA’s Reverse Industry Day!

Hello Fellow GTSC Members!

As you may be aware, GTSC is actively participating in the planning for the GSA Reverse Industry Day, which will take place Monday, July 10th from 9am to 1pm at GSA HQ in Foggy Bottom.

This event will be made available to the entire GSA Acquisition community. GSA employees in Metropolitan Washington DC will be encouraged to attend in person, while the event will be made available live online to remote employees. Attendance is expected to be large.

GTSC has the opportunity, as an industry organization, to have representatives participate on the three panels as either a panelist or moderator. In addition to the actual event on the 10th, there will be required preparation and dry run meetings. Those days have not been scheduled at this time.


Panelist – will support the development of the PowerPoint, prepare remarks and scenarios, share, and present industry views, best practices, and lessons learned about the specific panel topic.

Panel Moderator – will be responsible for working with the panel on content creation, coordinating the presentation, and communicating with the planning team. Act as the Champion for the audience (staying on track with relevant topics, continually assessing and reacting to the audience, facilitating the discussion, timekeeping, and keeping the conversation meaningful for them).

It is anticipated that the panel discussions will be structured in a scenario based approach. The topics are as follows:

Panel 1:

How Industry Decides to Bid/No Bid an Opportunity

This panel will address key aspects of the processes, timelines (including identification of opportunities), and the factors that influence how a company decides to bid on an opportunity from task orders to multiple award contract vehicles. Panelists will discuss the importance of early communication, highlight the type of information that industry seeks in order to qualify an opportunity, and the value [and impact] associated with certain types of communications (e.g. RFIs, one-on-ones, industry days, GSA Interact Site, etc.). Speakers will use actual scenarios to demonstrate how different factors might influence the decision towards either bidding or not bidding (e.g., costs, risks, probability of win, acquisition strategy, vetting of solution, past acquisition practices of customer, socio-economic considerations, competitive analysis, etc.).

Panel 2:

How Industry Responds to Solicitations and Interprets Requirements

This panel will discuss the timelines, resources, and personnel involved in responding to a solicitation and detail how industry analyzes and interprets various requirements. Panelists will highlight the importance of opportunities for Q&A and focus on how the most critical elements of a solicitation (e.g. acquisition strategy, pricing instructions, evaluation criteria, clarity of requirements, evaluation and scoring criteria, and contract type and cost/price structure) may impact the nature of the proposed solution, pricing, etc.

Panel 3:

Industry’s Perspective on the Importance and Value of Debriefs

This session will provide insight into the importance and value of debriefs for both government and industry and detail the types of information that industry is seeking in a written or oral debrief (including FAR Part 8, Brief Explanation of Award Decision). Speakers will also discuss how effective communication during the debrief and throughout the acquisition lifecycle that can potentially reduce protests.

If you or a colleague have strong interest and expertise in any one of these subject,

Please register NLT May 31, 2017
Click Here to Participate in the GSA RID

Please note that all non-federal government speakers will be required to sign a gratuitous services agreement with GSA prior to participating. The participating industry organizations will sign agreements on behalf of any speakers affiliated with them; speakers who are unaffiliated with a participating industry organization, or who are appearing in their personal capacity, will have to sign their own gratuitous services agreement, which GSA will provide.

GSA will select the final participants based on the nominations put forward by GTSC and other industry organizations.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the GSA RID. Together we will improve acquisitions to achieve mission outcomes through better communication.


Kristina Tanasichuk
CEO, Government Technology & Services Coalition| (703)201-7198

GTSC Welcomes New Members FROM USCG, USCIS, TSA, & INTEL to Board of Advisors

The Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC), the premier organization for small and mid-sized companies in homeland and national security, today announced several new appointments to add more expertise to their prestigious Board of Advisors.

“GTSC’s has grown by leaps and bounds in the last several months as companies and federal partners realize the true potential of active, mission-oriented collaboration. Achieving the homeland security mission requires the expertise of both mission experts and those who execute to achieve top performance. Our recent Board of Advisor additions add tremendous vision and capabilities to our engagements,” said Kristina Tanasichuk, Founder & CEO of GTSC. GTSC welcomes:

Rear Admiral John Acton, Former Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard and Special Advisor to the Presidential Transition who will work with the Coalition on initiatives with the U.S. Coast Guard and continued White House transition. “It’s an honor for me to continue my support of GTSC. As we enter a period of budget tightening and evolving policy challenges, the role of medium and small companies in supporting our homeland security missions remains as essential as ever. With a security threat stream that continues to broaden and morph, these smaller companies can fill vital roles and often react quicker than larger, more bureaucratic firms. And GTSC plays an important role helping these smaller firms increase their effectiveness and efficiency, to the benefit of us all,” said Rear Admiral Acton at the announcement.

Joshua Seckel, Chief Engineer at WhiteHawk and former Chief of the Applied Technology Division at U.S. Customs & Immigration Services joins the Coalition to assist our federal partners to understand and implement agile development projects, agile thinking, and strategic development of projects and initiatives that includes an agile framework. At the release, Seckel said, “I’m looking forward to working with the GTSC community to bring modern development practices into both government agencies and contractors supporting them.”

Jill Vaughan, Senior Advisor at GSIS and former Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Capabilities and the Chief Technology Officer at the Transportation Security Administration joins GTSC to contribute to, and continue the strategic development of, “Smashing the Box” events and the challenge of bringing new security technology to our federal government partners.

Caryn A. Wagner, Former Undersecretary for Intelligence & Analysis at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security joins the Coalition to further the quality of the threat and risk information collected by our federal partners and the data analytics that support it. “I am committed to working the seams between national and domestic security and look forward to my association with GTSC.”

Profiles of these and all GTSC Board of Advisors are available at:

Members of the Board of Advisors provide input to GTSC’s programming, identify areas of collaboration and increase the awareness and understanding of the Federal homeland and national security mission.  GTSC works on behalf of its members with the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, State, Justice and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Since its inception, GTSC has worked with these agencies to achieve mission in an increasingly challenging budget environment, advocate for the value of small businesses, increase understanding of mid-tier companies, improve market research and increase collaboration between the public and private sector.

READ THE RELEASE:  Press release Advisors May 17 2017