CBP Day 2017 May 11

CBP Day 2017 May 11

GTSC is excited to announce our 5th annual CBP Day!

Annually we welcome a deeper dive into the mission of the Customs and Border Protection with a stellar line-up of speakers and attendees to discuss, explore, and problem solve around the CBP mission.

 This year, GTSC will host CBP Day May 11 in Arlington, VA and we’ve already confirmed many in the leadership of this incredibly important component including:  Valerie Isbell, Acting Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Information and Technology Enterprise Services;  Linda Jacksta, Assistant Commissioner, Human Resources Management; Brenda Brockman-Smith, Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Trade; Ron Vitiello, Acting Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Border Patrol; Colleen Manaher, Executive Director, Planning, Program Analysis, and Evaluation (PPAE), Office of. Field Operations (OFO), Entry/Exit Transformation; Ed Mays, Executive Director, Enterprise Data Management & Engineering Directorate, Office of Information Technology (OIT);John Wagner, Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Field Operations, Shannon Laurenz, Chief , Enterprise Data Center Operations Branch, Enterprise Data Management and Engineering, Office of Information and Technology, Enterprise Services,Kyle Barnett, Lead ITSPEC (APPSW), Cargo Systems Development Division, Office of Information and Technology,Thomas Mills, Chief Systems Engineer, Office of Information and Technology,Earl J. Lewis III, Director, Information Technology Contracting Division,Michelle Mrdeza, Senior Advisor, Cornerstone Government Affairs & Strategic Advisor, GTSC; former Majority Staff Director of the House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Homeland Security,Troy Riley, Executive Director, Trade Remedy and Law Enforcement Directorate (TRLED), Randy Mitchell, Director, Commercial Operations and Entry Division, Trade Policy and Programs (TPP),Debbie Augustin, Executive Director, Trade Transformation Office (TTO) and Kraig Moise, Associate Chief, TacticalAir, Land & Marine Enterprise Communications (TALMEC).  Stay tuned for even more!

Join us today to attend this annually sold out event.

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