GTSC Membership Information Breakfast

GTSC Membership Information Breakfast

Ever wondered why so many companies have joined GTSC in such a short amount of time? In only 5 years, GTSC has grown to nearly 140 companies in the homeland and national security space. If you are a government contractor with interest in DHS, DOD, ODNI, State, Justice or Treasury — join us for a fun, informative breakfast to lock down your membership for 2017!


7:30 am – 9:00 am | Falls Church, VA

You will find out more about:

>>Programming — why is ours the best? Come find out

>>Members — why are GTSC members different?

>>Prices — why is GTSC the best value? How are we different from every other organization?

>>Events — why does GTSC have the best event reputation in town? What’s our secret?

Companies that join GTSC in March get some special treats — come on down and find out WHAT!!


REGISTER – this breakfast is for government contractors interested in learning more about the Government Technology & Services Coalition only.

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