GTSC “Smashing the Box” Events

smashing the box high resSince GTSC’s inception, our members have been concerned about how our public sector partners find and reach new ideas and innovations.  With technology, threats, and ideas changing at the speed of light, those concerned about achieving the homeland and national security mission are concerned too.  So, GTSC members launched “Smashing the Box” events, a project grown out of our efforts to help the government more thoroughly perform market research and reach innovative new players.  These events seek to provide our government partners with a method and mechanism to forage for the latest cutting edge ideas to help us protect the nation.

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Smashing the Box Event:  ODNI & the IC Community

March 2016
Tyson’s Corner, Virginia

GTSC’s March 2016 Smashing the Box Event will focus on technologies, ideas, and products to assist the Office of the Director of National intelligence (ODNI) and the Intelligence Community (IC).  This event will feature in-person presentations from companies selected from the applicants, and ALL applicants will be included in an abstract compiled and distributed to our partner agencies.  Applicants are asked to submit a nonproprietary, unclassified, proposal that tells us why we should pick their innovation and how it assists with the mission sets below.  The event will be held in the Tysons Corner Virginia Area.

January 28, 2015:  Briefing of the IC/ODNI Science & Technology Strategic Plan by Dr. David Honey, Director, for Science & Technology and Assistant Deputy Director for National Intelligence for Science & Technology for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence will brief us on the FY 2016-2020 S&T Strategic Plan for the IC Community and the requirements being built around the plan.  This briefing is an opportunity to hear about the challenges and strategies that the IC Community will employ to “manage risk and ensure intelligence advantage” over our adversaries.  Read the Strategic Plan here.  This briefing will prepare companies interested in submitting their innovative technologies for GTSC’s Smashing the Box Innovation Day in March.


GTSC Smashing the Box Event with the Intelligence Community & the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s Office of Science & Technology 

Vulnerabilities and malicious functionality in software and firmware
>>Autonomous discovery of structure in software and firmware
>>Inspection techniques for software & firmware, for identification of unusual functionality
>>Automated vulnerability identification

Novel sensing technologies
>>For various types of sensors: imaging, signals, acoustics, etc.
>>Proximity: close up vs. long range standoff
>>Digital, online, sensors and exploitation
>>Discovery of adversary activities; information gained from integrated sensor systems

Enhanced processing and management of data from disparate sources
>>Data recognition, formatting, ingest and storage from disparate sources
>>Free form vs. structured data management techniques
>>Searching, comparing, extracting information from a variety of data formats

Maximizing analytic insight from fused datasets
>>Information gained from various visualization techniques and strategies
>>Information gained from various analytics techniques
>>Techniques to capitalize on and re-use information gained; machine learning and automation
>>Hybrid approaches, multiple strategies, to gaining insight from data

Technologies to support detection of global proliferation activities
>>Global CBN threats, identification, anticipation, warnings and signatures
>>Proliferation trends, techniques, forecasting, tracking
>>Techniques for anticipating, discerning, and characterizing global proliferation

Bonus Area – Game changing technologies
>>Do you have a project developing the next generation of game changing technology, such as “stealth” or “GPS” were in their early stages?

Vulnerabilities and opportunities in the Internet of Things
>>Autonomous discovery of structure in software and firmware
>>Inspection techniques for software & firmware, for identification of unusual functionality
>>Automated vulnerability identification

Secure Mobility
>>For various types of devices: Tablets, smart phones, etc.
>>Proximity: close up vs. long range standoff

Social Media Trends
>>New Applications = new sources and new vulnerabilities
>>Cover and asset concerns
>>Security clearance and CI implications

Future of Personally Identifiable Information
>>Can PII be considered protected and private anymore?
>>Validating Personal Information following Major Data Breaches


Abstracts will be accepted at the link below until March 22, 2016.
Presenters will be notified by April  5, 2016.

Thank you for your interest in the Government Technology & Services Coalition’s “Smashing the Box” event focused on the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and IC Community. To submit your product, technology, or research project for consideration for an in-person presentation to the IC Community, please submit your application fee at BEFORE filling out your submission. Applications will be reviewed by our Innovation committee and those most relevant to our federal partner will be notified of their selection for an in-person presentation.

Why submit?
If chosen, you will present your technology, concept or idea before decision makers across the IC community.
These decision makers will have an opportunity to meet with you at the event and contact you after the event for further information.
You may (or may not) receive funding or a contract from this opportunity.

What do I need to pay?
GTSC Members may submit an abstract at no cost as a benefit of their membership.
Non-member, small businesses may submit an abstract for a fee of $50 (total revenue under $100 million).
Non-member, large companies may submit an abstract for a fee of $150 (total revenue over $100 million).
Companies selected for the presentation are responsible for all expenses and travel related to the presentation.
REGISTRATION for those selected is included in the application fee.




Do I have to fill out all those boxes??
Yes and No. YOU MUST fill out all the contact information including your website address and the title of your presentation. You will see an option below to upload a word document for some of the lengthier parts of your submission. If your word document does not track EXACTLY with the form below (meaning headers and necessary information), it will not be accepted.

Who will see my presentation?
ALL SUBMISSIONS will be included in the overall submission to the IC Community & ODNI. The GTSC Reviewing Committee will also see your presentation.


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