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Management Consulting; App. Dev.


Executing Change and Accelerating Outcomes

Founded in 2004, BRMi was formed to address implementation and delivery gaps that prevent organizations from effectively executing change. We start every project with an understanding of our client’s business and operational processes. We use our dynamic and robust business processes analysis to define root problems and build proper and precise solutions rather than iterating on the wrong concern until the solution is discovered. This saves untold time and budget and keeps our clients aligned with their operational structure.

Starting with our initial contracts supporting the development of the Department of Homeland Security, BRMi ‘s mission is to engage our Nation’s highest priority challenges in homeland, law enforcement, and financial services. We also apply the same critical thinking and technical approach to business process challenges facing commercial organizations.

With over 150 hand-picked employees, BRMi has received multiple industry and client service awards highlighting BRMi as a trusted source for talent and creativity not normally seen in small business. The development of Pivotal, the company’s agile methodology, touches everything we do. Embracing cloud technologies, acquiring the knowledge and talent to utilize emerging technologies, and continually measuring, analyzing and adapting results, illustrate our commitment to deliver high impact. As our tagline reads, ‘Executing Change and Accelerating Outcomes’ are what we stand for. And what we do.

DHS, DOJ, USDA, CFPB, Navy Federal, AS, ABA, FERC, NARA, DOC, FDIC, Treasury, Navy


General Services Administration (GSA)

  • Mission Oriented Business integrated Services (MOBIS) GS-10F-0143T
  • Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 GS-35F-0490W
  • GSA STARS II Constellation 1, Functional Category 4, GS-06F-0885Z

DHS Technical, Acquisition, Business, and Support Services (TABSS)

  • BRMi is on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Technical, Acquisition, Business, and Support Services (TABSS) IDIQ contract vehicle, for Domain 1 (Program Management, Engineering, and Technology), under prime contractor ICF International. Click here for more information [ link ]

Other Vehicles

  • DHS Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge solutions (EAGLE) (through SAIC and SRA)
  • HHS CIOSP3 (Through CGI)
  • Treasury TIPSS-4 (Through Chevo)
  • USCIS SATS (Through Keane)
  • FEMA EADIS (Through IBM)
  • State DME (Through CGI)