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September 2014

  • Weekly Insider for 9/2
  • Faulty TSA Full-Body Scanners | UK Terror Level Raised | National Preparedness Month | DoD BBP Mandate | U.S. Banks Hit by Cyberattacks

August 2014

  • Weekly Insider for 8/25
  • FEMA National Protection Framework | Terrorist Negotiations | DOD in hot water over Bergdahl swap | German Intelligence Spying on Clinton & Kerry?
  • Weekly Insider for 8/18
  • FCC Adopts Text-to-911 Rules I Mobile Passport Control App | $225M in Iron Dome Funding | Iraq & Israel Updates | NSA Metadata Documents | New Software Tool Helps Track Ebola
  • Weekly Insider for 8/11
  • Southwest Border Security | Bank of America Settlement | $33B Committed at African Leaders Summit | Army Major General Killed | Shedd New Acting DIA Director
  • Weekly Insider for 8/3
  • NSA Costs US Tech $35B | Budgets Raided | TSA Challenges | DoD Employee Tax Debts | CIA Spied on Senate Panel | 2014 Budget Outlook


July 2014

June 2014

  • Weekly Insider for 6/30
  • DHS News:  SW Border Collaboration | TSA Could Use Data Better | DHS Receives Top FISMA Score | Sec Johnson on Unaccompanied Minors  I DOD News: Open Systems | Functional Combatant Command Resources | ISAF Command Nominations | Securing Cyber Infrastructure | Healthcare Modernization | $58.6 Billion for OCO I DOS News: Ukraine | China-US I DOJ News: Contractor Sentenced | Holder Vows to Protect American Identities I IC News: DIA Open Innovation Gateway | How Do We Deal with Data Flood? I GAO News Reports: Virtual Currencies I FAA Safety Risk Management I FED CORNER: Alejandra Mayorkas, Deputy Secretary, DHS I NEWS of NOTE: Medal of Honor I Largest Maritime Operations I National Security Lawyers a Threat? I Map of the World I World Food Prize Laureate I Global Summit to End Sexual Violence I Syria’s & Iraqi I Inside Look at ISIL’s Past I More Teams Arrive in Iraq I Bergdahl Investigation Inconclusive I Quote of the Week:  Gene Stallings
  • Weekly Insider for 6/23
  • GTSC Blog:  The New Government Paradigm:  Plan, Prepare, Position, Partner | DHS News:  Coast Guard Mission Readiness Questioned | Quadrennial Review | Motorola Solutions to Implement 9/11 Dispatching Technology | Rutgers Founds Preparedness & Homeland Security Institute | Cyber Workforce will Solve Itself says RAND | DOD News: VA Cited by GAO Again | DLA Needs to Improve Inventory Management | Medal of Honor | Never Contract with the Enemy Act | Security Clearance Accountability | Military Health Review Begins | Change to Nuclear Force | Air Force Readiness | Sequestration Furlough Costs | TRICARE Review of Western Region | DOS News:  DOS Needs to Improve PREACT program | Human Trafficking Report  | DOJ News:  Discrimination Among Government Contractors | Khatallah Charged for Benghazi Attack | FBI Buys 3D Printer | IC News: Civilian Intelligence Contractors Review | Bill to Require Warrants for Emails | Changes to FISA | FED CORNER:  Suzanne Spaulding, Under Secretary, NPPD, DHS | NEWS of NOTE:  New Generation of Terrorists | House Votes to Boost Border Security | Republican Leadership Upset in Congress | CDC Exposure to Anthrax | FAA and Boeing 747 Hackers | GSA moves Forward with DHS Consolidation | UPDATES:  Bergdahl Investigation; VA to Search for New Scheduling System | Quote of the Week:  Ayn Rand
  • Weekly Insider for 6/16
  • June 18: Small Business Loans | July 9:  GTSC Anniversary Awards | GTSC Blog: How to Mitigate the Insider Threat: Personnel Surety Counterintelligence Plans | DHS News:  House Approps Approves FY 2015 for DHS | House Homeland Passes Emergency, Air Security Bills | Johnson Testifies on Federal Unified Coordination Group; Appoints FEMA to lead | CBP Replaces IA Chief Tomsheck | DHS acquisition Reform Passes | Border Security Market: $23.4 Billion | Cybercrime Costs $400 Billion; CSIS Report Calls Out Cybercrime | DOD News: CENTCOM Headquarters Reduction | Navy Needs to Revise Decommissioning Policy | Compensation Cap | DOD Cyber Policy Chief | CACI Wins $41 Million Army Contract | DOD Cloud Storage data | Separate Cyber Authority | Hagel Defends Prisoner Swap | DOS News: Audit Finds Contractors Not Adequately Screened | US Condemns Kidnapping of Israeli Teens | Memorial Wall for DOS Law Enforcement | DOJ News: CYBER GUARD Industry Day| Romanian National “Guccifer” Charged with Hacking Into Personal Email Accounts | IC News: O’Sullivan Testifies in Support of USA Freedom Act | Follow the CIA: Agency Launches New Social Media Accounts | Brennan on the Balance of Security and Civil Liberty | DNI Appoints Evanina to Replace National Counterterrorism Executive Montoya | DNI Appoints New Director of Public Affairs | GAO News: US Industrial Radiological Sources at Risk | IT Reform Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness | Steve Cooper Joins Commerce as CIO | CIO/CISO Survey: Cyber, Workforce Remain Key Challenges | Deadline for FedRAMP Compliance  | FED CORNER: Robert Cardillo, NGA | NEWS of NOTE: Iraq and International Assistance | U.S. Watching Events in Iraq | Gold Medal for Puerto Rican Unit | WHO Completes MERS Review | Arlington National Cemetery Plans Anniversary | Major Supreme court Rulings Expected in June | DEA Obstructs Research into Medical Marijuana | Senate Passes VA Bill as FBI Opens Criminal Investigation |  Rick Rescorla National Award for Resilience | DLA Improves Support While Downsizing | Embrace Exceptional Leadership, Winnefeld Tells NDU Grads | Quote of the Week: Francis Bacon
  • Weekly Insider for 6/9
  • June 12:  Mega-Matchmaking and The Mentor Awards | NGA’s Ellen McCarthy Keynotes Mentor Awards | June 18: Small Business Loans | June 26:  Kelly Hoggan, Assistant Administrator, TSA | July 9:  GTSC Anniversary Awards  | DHS News:  Port Cybersecurity | Workforce Challenges | Cybersecurity Market Tops $77 Billion | Net Neutrality | FAA Releases Solicitation for COE | DHS Seeks Twitter Sarcasm Detector | Squiggly Line Passcodes | CBP & Lethal Force | DOD News: Businesses Must ‘Own’ Cyber Threats | New Marine Corps Commandant Nominated | VA Making GAO Recommendations | Space – Intelligence Strategy | Cybersecurity Operations Manual | Shrinking DOD Budget & Readiness | DARPA Challenge | DOS News:  Passport Fraud Not Pervasive, DOS Investigates High Risk Cases | DOJ News:  It’s Game Over for Gameover Zeus & Cryptolocker Malware | FBI tackles lasers | IC News: NSA Bill | Intel Changes | NGA Wants a Vendor Program to Support Its Imagery Data Sets | Director Long of NGA Retires | GAO News: SBA Needs Better Feedback Mechanism | Privacy Policies Inconsistent, Unclear for Consumers | FED CORNER: Michael A. Rodrigue, NGA | NEWS of NOTE: Dialogue with China on Cybersecurity | First Lady to End Veteran Homelessness by 2015 | FTC & DOJ Announce Agenda for Joint Workshop | American Suicide Bomber in Syria | New U.S. Strategy to Combat Terrorism | Contractor Reimbursement Cap | 4,000 NATO Troops Expected for Afghanistan | Taliban: Don’t Come Back! | Cybersecurity Police? | The DATA Act | NIST Report on Facial Recognition Algorithms | Quote of the Week:  Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Weekly Insider for 6/2
  • June 12:  Mega-Matchmaking and The Mentor Awards | PRESS RELEASE:  Mentor Award Winners Announced | June 18: Small Business Loans | June 26:  Kelly Hoggan, Assistant Administrator, TSA | July 9:  GTSC Anniversary Awards | GTSC BLOG: False Claims Act Violations Increase | DHS News:  Heartbleed Response| Appropriations Bill | Social Media and Terrorism | Emergency Transportation Relief Needs Improvement I Secretary Johnson on DHS Funding | DOD News: OIG Substantiates VA Claims; Shinseki Resigns | Obama Announces $5 billion Counterterrorism Fund | The Army’s ERP future | Navy Communications Request | Alion Awarded $2.8M DTRA Contract | GAO Army Networks Competition Report | C-130 Avionics Modernization Program Analysis | Technical Corrosion Collaboration Program Improvements | DOS News: Psaki Defends Foreign Affairs “Successes” | DOJ News: DOJ Files FSA Complaint Against CA | Keneally Departs | Carlin on State Sponsored Cyber Attacks | Truchon Named for IT Services  | Reports of Interest:  Government Human Resources | FED CORNER: Dr. David A. Honey, ODNI | NEWS of NOTE: Embracing Change Report | U.S. Measles Outbreak| Ombudsman Fourth Annual Conference | USAF Seeks Space Debris Defense | Air Force Won’t Block Alternate GPS III Provider | Air Force Targets Cyber Dominance | GEOINT Without a Tether | CyberCom Situational Awareness | Shout Out to SpaceX | Tech Giants Spend More on R&D | Quote of the Week: Thomas Jefferson

May 2014

  • Weekly Insider for 5/27
  • June 12:  Mega-Matchmaking and The Mentor Awards: Keynote Speaker and Federal Small Business Titan Awards Announced! I June 26:  Kelly Hoggan, Assistant Administrator, TSA I July 9:  GTSC Anniversary Awards I DHS News: Assessing Homeland Cyber Threats | Security Of Federal Facilities I Cost Estimate For DHS Major Acquisition Programs I Cybersecurity Retention Act I DHS Headquarters Security I DOD News: Shinseki & VA I DOD’s Manpower Data System I Army Draft Request For Rifleman Radio I Defense Authorization Act For 2015 I DIA Names Deputy Director I DOS News: Tracking Congressional Correspondence I Navy and Sensor Innovation I COMPETES I Webinar on South African Border Surveillance  I DOJ News: Chinese Cyber Hackers I Blackshades Takedown | OIG on DEA I IC News: Network Access Abuse I GAO News: Suspension And Debarment  I REVISED Standards & Guidelines:  FISMA Public Comment | NIST I FED CORNER: B. Todd Jones, Director, ATF I NEWS of NOTE: California Shooting & Stabbing Spree | DHS FEMA Flood Insurance Program I DOJ DNA Backlog Grant I B-52s Upgraded I Federal Funding Opportunities I Politics Ensnares UAS Program I Confronting Corporate Crime I DOD Cost Saving I UAVS Smaller I GSA Awards OASIS I FITARA Passes House I Philippines Energy Infrastructure Recovery I HSI Makes Arrests in Child Sexual Exploitation Crimes I Heartbleed I Supreme Court To Hear Air Marshal Case I Apply For FEMA Award I AG Tax Evasion Case I Tips Protecting From Storm Damages I Small Business Hearings I Quote of the Week: Winston Churchill
  • Weekly Insider for 5/19
  • May 22:  Capacity Building on Data Breach Response:  Do you have a plan? | June 12:  Mega-Matchmaking and The Mentor Awards: Keynote Speaker and Federal Small Business Titan Awards Announced!| July 9:  GTSC Anniversary Awards | DHS News: CFATS | FEMA Mitigation I DHS Chemical Security Program Protection I Heritage: USCG Needs More Funding | DOD News: DOD Audit Progress and Challenges | DISA Strategic Plan Released | Halverson Named Acting DOD CIO | U.S. Needs More, Not Better, Drones I DOD Medical Countermeasures and Threat Prioritization I F-22 Modernization | DOD Financial Management Actions Needed I Effect of DOD Financial Management | DOJ News: Combating Espionage and Trade Secrets I Sharing Cyberthreat Information | FED CORNER: Suzanne Spaulding, NPPD, DHS | NEWS of NOTE: Malware Peddlers Prefer Deceptive Tactics | Bitly Data Breach | USSS Supports Seizure of Counterfeit Money | #BringBackOurGirls: Growing Threat of Boko Haram | ODNI and DOJ Release Declassified FISC Filings | New Small UAV | DOD Mobility Capability | DOD, NASA Protect Levees | DOJ Seeks Hacking Rule Change | Integrate Security With Design | DISA: Industry Has Role in Pentagon Cloud | Cybersecurity Bill Not Likely Before Necessary | Autonomous Black Hawk First Flight | Measuring Military Capabilities Essentials | Quote of the Week: Bobby Kennedy
  • Weekly Insider for 5/12
  • May 22:  Capacity Building on Data Breach Response:  Do you have a plan? | June 12:  Mega-Matchmaking and The Mentor Awards: Federal Small Business Titans Announced! | July 9:  GTSC Anniversary Awards | DHS News:  CBP Hiring | Bill on DHS | DHS, Mayorkas & High Risk Programs | al-Qaeda Innovations | C3 Center for Cyber | Schneck on Cyber | DOD News: Marines, Air Force on the Budget | Army Calling for Slower Pay Growth | DOD & Mobile Apps | Logistics Modernization | Tri-annual Review at Norfolk | Cyber Security Best Practices | Bill to Support Military Cyber | Defense Contracting & Acquisition | DOJ News: DOJ & FTC Hold Conditional Pricing Workshop | Intel News: DNI Releases Documents on Collection Activities | INSA Calls for New Workforce Model | NSA Surveillance Reform | NSA Funds Cybersecurity | DOS News: Terrorism Country Reports | Other News:  Agencies Need Incremental Development Policies | Monthly Budget Review | FED CORNER: James Clapper, ODNI | NEWS of NOTE: DHS Loaned Executive | DHS Proposal to Retain Immigrants | HASC Endorses Super Hornets | DOJ on Consumer Fraud | DISA on Defensible Architecture | Communication Satellites Vulnerable to attack | FBI Fraud Scheme | DOD Mobility Hurdles | Navy UAVs | Pay Raises for Troops | Fox Farewell | Unmanned Army Aircraft | Windows Flaw | Student Hacker | UNCW Server Hacked | Nigerian Girls | Quote of the Week:  Ed Bradley on Being Prepared
  • Weekly Insider for 5/5
  • May 22:  Capacity Building on Data Breach Response:  Do you have a plan? | June 12:  Mega-Matchmaking and The Mentor Awards | July 9:  Save the Date!  GTSC Anniversary Awards | GTSC News:  Lucernoni of Harris & Rose of L3 NSS Assume Leadership of GTSC Mentors |DHS News:  BioWatch Cancelled | DOE Cyber Procurement | Collins, Harman Co-Chair WHS | DOD News: GAO on Weapons Systems, Missile Defense | Takai Resigns | Work Confirmed | Zumwalt Destroyer | DOJ News: FBI Trains Private Sector | Intel News: DIA Director Lt Gen. Glynn Retires | DOS News: Terrorism Country Reports | FED CORNER:  Thomas W. Winkowski, ICE | NEWS of NOTE: Saudi Unveils Missiles | Navy Seeks Industry Ideas | DOJ on Racial Bias | Increase in Terrorist Attacks | Holder on Ukraine | Russia & Cyber Attacks | Exports to Iran | GSA, OPM GWAC for Training | HUBZones Useless | Explorer Vulnerability | CDC Confirms MERS | Quote of the Week:  Steve Jobs on Inovation

April 2014

  • Weekly Insider for 4/28
  • May 1:  Insight Session on Federal Biometrics with Leslie Hope, USCIS | May 22:  Capacity Building on Data Breach Response:  Do you have a plan? | June 12:  Mega-Matchmaking and The Mentor Awards | July 9:  Save the Date!  GTSC Anniversary Awards | GTSC News:  Lucernoni of Harris & Rose of L3 NSS Assume Leadership of GTSC Mentors | DHS News:  DHS IG | Cyber Comments Due! | SBIR Open | CREATE Celebrates 10th Anniversary | DOD News:  Army Cuts 25% | Marine One | DOJ News:  Law enforcement market | More on FISA | Intel News:  Verizon Data Breach Report | DOS News:  NETmundial Internet Governance Meeting | Procurement Opps | Small Business News:  SBIR-STTR | Procurement & Acquisition News:  CAO Council Opens Dialogue on Procurement Process | FED CORNER:  Gentry O. Smith | NEWS of NOTE:  USCG murders | Bomb-maker killed | America’s Prepareathon | Apple Patents | Quote of the Week:  Babe Ruth
  • Weekly Insider for 4/21
  • April 24:  FedRAMP Changes Coming:  Capacity Building with Maria Roat, Director, FedRAMP | May 1:  Insight Session on Federal Biometrics with Leslie Hope, USCIS | May 22:  Capacity Building on Data Breach Response:  Do you have a plan? | June 12:  Mega-Matchmaking and The Mentor Awards | GTSC Blog:  The Privacy & Civil Liberties Assessment Report – What Does it Really Tell Us?  A Former Chief Privacy Officer’s Perspective | DHS News:  Terrorism Insurance | Obama Signs S2195 | FEMA grants | Ardian Group | Arctic Expansion | SEC & Info Controls | SBIR Solicitation | TSA Appoints ASAC Members | DOD News: Army Modular Force Structure | DOD & Sole Source | IG on Security Clearances | CSC to Pay $1.1m | Acquisition at Ft Huachuca | DOJ News: Law Enforcement Market | NIJ Solicitations:  Web, Forensics, School Safety | INTEL News: Security Clearance Determinations | DOS News:  Auditors Find Deficienceis in Internal Controls | FED CORNER: David A. O’Neill, Acting Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, DOJ | News of Note: Snowden Asks Putin about Surveillance | Russian Jet Taunts Navy | al Qaeda Meeting in Yemen | DOD $167m in Research | 3 Dead at Jewish Center | CEO convicted of defrauding DOD | Suicides in Special Forces | NIC picks 5 for EBDM | Wounded, Ill & Injured Report | NIC Inmate Resources | Pawlikowski to AF Acquisition | NYPD Shutters Muslim Surveillance | Navy Going Green | ICE request Unconstitutional | Bioresearch in Boston | America’s PrepareAthon | HSI returns Painting to Poland | Quote of the Week:  John Wooden
  • Weekly Insider for 4/14
  • April 24:  FedRAMP Changes Coming:  Capacity Building with Maria Roat, Director, FedRAMP | May 1:  Insight Session on Federal Biometrics with Leslie Hope, USCIS | May 22:  Capacity Building on Data Breach Response:  Do you have a plan? | June 12:  Mega-Matchmaking and The Mentor Awards | DHS News: Privacy Report  | Lax Security Assessment | Joplin Tornado | I&A and S&T confirmed | DOD News: Navy Ready Despite Sequestration | Strategic Force Structure | Army Contract Mgmt | Cash Control Needed | Unmanned Aerial Systems | Medical Capabilities | Helicopter Acquisition | Amphibious Vehicles | Defense Infrastructure | VA Health Care | USS Port Royal| DOJ News: Our Brother’s Keepers | Zeus Malware | DOJ & FTC on Cyber Security Info Sharing | Holder Testified on DOJ | NIJ Solicitation | INTEL News:  Info Sharing | Increased Audits | DOS News:  OIG Finds Deficiencies in Contract Documentation | Contracting News: GSA Announces Restructuring of Federal Procurement | GAO Releases Report on How to Reduce Duplication Fraud, etc. |FED CORNER: Director of Federal Protective Services L. Eric Patterson | News of Note:  GEICO seeks Military Service Nominees | Navy to Install first EM Railgun | Tax Enforcement Stats | DHS Sec Hosts Twitter Chat | New Port Director in Philly | Deportation Stats | Consortium for R&D on Arms Control Verification | Islamic Militants Training in Syria | Victims Awarded Iranian Office Building in Midtown | Robocopter Joins Marines | Rumors Analyzed | America’s PrepareAthon | NIST | 8(a) program | Quote of the Week:Thomas Edison
  • Weekly Insider for 4/7
  • Mentor Session with BDO | April 24:  Capacity Building Session with Maria Roat, Director, FedRAMP | May 1:  Insight Session on Federal Biometrics with Leslie Hope, USCIS | May 22:  Capacity Building on Data Breach Response:  Do you have a plan? | June 12:  Mega-Matchmaking and The Mentor Awards | GTSC BLOG:  Essentials to Prioritizing IT Expenditures by Brigadier General Bob Ranck (ret.) | DHS News: IT Security:  Agencies Need to Improve Data Breach Response | National Preparedness Countermeasures | DOD News:  Missile Defense Acquisition | Assessments of Select Weapon Programs | Masiello to DCMA | Rogers to NSA & Cyber Command | DOD IG on SBIR intellectual property | Ft Hood| DOJ News: OIG Recommendations to OFC Fusion Center | OIG on DOJ Budget | Carlin to National Security | DOS News:  OIG Finds Deficiencies in Contract Documentation | Small Business News:  SOCOM and the Protest Environment | FED CORNER: Congressman John Carter, Chair, Committee on Appropriations, Homeland Security Subcommittee | News of Note: TSA Worker Saves Woman | VADM Tighe to Cyber Command | Navy Yard Survivors | Appbucket pleads guilty | Contractor Pleads Guilty of Bribery | Hamas Threatens Journalists | Olmert Accepted Bribes |Contractor Extradited for price-fixing | Air Force Consortium | CPOs Celebrate 121 | America’s PrepareAthon | NIST Sessions | 8(a) program | Fed Survey | Quote of the Week:  Dr. W. Edwards Deming

March 2014

  • Weekly Insider for 3/31
  • LAST DAY OF MARCH MEMBERSHIP MADNESS! | April 8:  Mentor Session with BD | April 24:  Capacity Building Session with Maria Roat, Director, FedRAMP | May 1:  Insight Session on Federal Biometrics with Leslie Hope, USCIS | May 22:  Capacity Building on Data Breach Response:  Do you have a plan? | June 12:  The Mentor Awards | DHS News: TSA Reports on LAX Shooting | DHS Partnership Needs Improvement | DHS Forfeiture | Markets for Cybercrime | Politics & St. E’s | House Reports on Boston Bombings | Sessions Accuses ICE of Ignoring Immigration Laws | Shields to Lead for McCaul | DOD News: Carey Retires | DOD & Reusable Assets | Corrosion Study | DOD Acquisition | Non-Competitive Grants | F-35 | INFOSEC & VA | DOJ News:  Metadata | FBI Budget | Child Trafficking | NIJ RFPs | DOS News:  US & Ukraine | Nuclear Summit | Intel News:   Rogers Retries | Cyber Intel | FED CORNER: David Luna, Senior Director for National Security & Diplomacy, Anti-Crime Programs | News of Note:  CrimeSolutions.gov | Navy Defense Littoral Combat ships | Navy Reserve is 99 | US-Korea Exercise | Chertoff Portrait | Contreras Sweet Confirmed at SBA | 8(a) | Federal Reserve Fraud Questionnaire | Quote of the Week:  Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Weekly Insider for 3/24
  • Leveraging Technology for Training:  Case Study FLETC |  MARCH membership madness! | April 8:  Mentor Session with BD | April 24:  Capacity Building Session with Maria Roat, Director, FedRAMP | May 1:  Insight Session on Federal Biometrics with Leslie Hope, USCIS | May 22:  Capacity Building on Data Breach Response:  Do you have a plan? | GTSC BLOG:  DOD Supply Chain Security | DHS News:  HSI, DHS Bust Major Porn Ring | FEMA Preparedness | March 27 WHS Cyber | NOTE CORRECTED DATE:  WHS CYBER MARCH 26! | DOD News: SECNAV releases Navy Yard report | DOD Nuclear Modernization | DISA milCLOUD | E-SITE released | DOD OTA on Spectrum | Army Small Bus | Military housing | GAO: Key Oversight Issues for USAID in Afghanistan| Intel News: White House Releases Suitability & Security Review| FED CORNER: James Comey | News of Note:  DOJ Charges Toyota | DEA, AFT, HSI | DOS Biotechnology today | Quote of the Week:  Dale Carnegie
  • Weekly Insider for 3/17
  • Capacity Building:  Loans for Small Business POSTPONED! | March 27:  Leveraging Technology for Training:  Case Study FLETC | MARCH membership madness!  Join GTSC before the rate increases April 1 | April 8:  Mentor Session with BDO | GTSC BLOG:  Input to DOD-GSA Cyber Resilience Implementation | DHS News:  Border Protection | Johnson on budget | Team NPPD | WHS Cyber | Jackson Joins GTSC | Border Security Caucus | Acquisition reform | Border New Network launched | GTSC App of the Month:  FBI Child ID App | DOD News:  USAF Modernization | Military Education | Supply Chain | DOJ News:  Research on Domestic Radicalization | Federal Sentencing | Heroin Overdoses | Pustay testifies on FOIA | DOS News: Gaps in Security Training | Global Progress Report on Conflict | Intel News:  ISE – FICAM Sharing Strategy Progress | EU Passes Data Reform | McAfee Threat Report | INSA on Security Clearance Reform | Mentoring?  Is it Worth it? | FED CORNER:  Dr. Phyllis Schneck | News of Note:  Feinstein Accuses CIA of Spying on Senate | March is Red Cross Month | Al-Qaeda Launches magazine | Can’t Find Malaysian Jet | Webcasts on Retirement & Health Care plans | Crimea “Votes” | Tech to Detect Heartbeats in Rubble | Quote of the Week:  Irish Proverb
  • Weekly Insider for 3/10
  • Capacity Building:  Loans for Small Business | Leveraging Technology for Training:  Case Study FLETC | MARCH membership madness! | SPECIAL REPORT: President Obama’s Fiscal 2015 Budget Proposal | DHS: CBP & ICE Release Use of Force Guidelines | GAO On ICE Monitoring of Student Visas | DOD: Cyber Chief: US Unprepared | Pentagon Releases QDR | Dempsey Grim On Future | NASA Hit By IG Report | GAO On Veteran Transition Program | GAO Says DOD And State Need Better Monitoring | NASA Plans Asteroid Capture | DOD On N. Korea | GAO On Space Launch Acquisitions | Air Force Seeks Tech Support | IG Hits Army Oversight Of Contractors | GAO On DOD TRICARE Acquisitions I DOJ News: Report On IRS Investigation Efficiency | DOJ Seeks Help With Research | Anderson To Lead FBI Cyber Response | Tech & Small Business News: Obama IT Budget | Budget & SBA | Committee Approves Small Biz Contracting Bill | White House Seeks Feedback on Data and Privacy | INTEL News: NGA Seeks Support | IG Blasts NRO Practices | FED CORNER: Steve VanRoekel | News Of Note: CIA Spied On Senate | How to Prepare contracts | Elbit wins IFT | Exporting | Ukraine Under CyberAttack | Sweeney To Head FBI New York | Grid Security | Snowden Breach May Cost Billions | Subcontractor Pleads Guilty | Quote Of The Week:  Entrepreneurship
  • Weekly Insider for 3/3
    Capacity Building:  Loans for Small Business | Leveraging Technology for Training:  Case Study FLETC | MARCH membership madness!  Join GTSC before the rate increases April 1 | SPECIAL REPORT: Government Accountability Office’s High Risk List | DHS: DHS Assesses Small Business Cyber Security Market | TSA Industry Day | Legislation Would Add Acquisition Accountability | GAO On Protecting Infrastructure | FBI Director On Cyber security Threat | Domestic Drone Privacy | Virtual Tour of Law Enforcement Memorial | DoD: Air Force Wants Support For Dice | GAO On Defense Investments | DOD Enacts Faster Tech Acquisition | GAO On Army Workload Performance System | Obama Issues Warning On Ukraine | GAO On Cost Savings Plans | Air Force Unveils Spy Satellite Program | Army Issues Electromagnetic Manual | USAF Seeks Help With Radar | GAO On Military Reimbursements | DOD IG On Contract Awards | Air Force Seeks Help With Electronic Surveillance | DoJ News: AG Proposes National Standard for CyberAttack Reporting | DOJ And HSS Announce Report Breaking Recoveries | Tech & Small Business News: GAO On Small Business Inclusion | FITARA Passes House | INTEL News: NIST Seeks Comments on Cryptography | NIST Unveils Building Blocks For Mobile Security | FED CORNER: Mark Borkowski | News Of Note: Cost of Obamacare Cloud Quadruples | CBO On Federal Revenues | Scientist Demonstrate Contagious WiFi Virus | 134,000 Feds To TeleWork This Week | Quote Of The Week:  Robert Louis Stevenson

February 2014

  • Weekly Insider for 2/24
    Capacity Building:  Loans for Small Business | Leveraging Technology for Training:  Case Study FLETC | DHS News: Terrorism Increases | FEMA Council | GSA Seeks to Reduce Travel Costs | Cyber for Small Businesses | ICE Cancels Vehicle Tracking | DHS Report on Cyber Insurance | NIST Encryption Standards | New Trade System Deadline | Shoe Bomb Threat | Facial Recognition Tech | DoD News: DIA Wants Small Biz | Cyber Attack Against VFW | Obama Preserves Military Benefits | Electromagnetic Strategy | Air Force Funds Research | DTRA Seeks Support | DoJ News: ATF Operations | INTEL News: Satellite Industry Growing | IARPA Seeks Assistance | NSA Pushes Cyber security Science | FED CORNER: DR. BILL LaPLANTE Assistant Secretary of the Air Force For Acquisition | News Of Note: DOD Seeks Contractors Advice | Navy Laser Gun | Enterprise Apps | Hagel Revamps POW Program | White House Seeks Spectrum Help | Kerry: Climate Change is Security Threat | Hagel Lays Out Nuke Review | Sailors Exposed to Radiation | Military Food Stamp Use Increases | ICE Deportations Decrease | Violence in Ukraine | Quote Of The Week:  Vince Lombardi
  • Weekly Insider for 2/17
    Michele Leonhardt, DEA | Capacity Building Best Practices in Contracting for DHS & DOD | GTSC BLOG: The Key to Technical Solution Architecture | DHS: New Cyber Framework Announced | ICE Seeks Case Management System | DHS Wants Info On Data Sharing | GAO Reports on Data Sharing Protocols, DHS Ammunition Purchases and Ship Disposal Communications & Plans | DoD: Air Force Seeks Small Business for Portal | Pentagon Fuel Supply At Risk | DARPA Launches Web Searching Project | Marines Search For Insider Protection Contractor | DOD Inspector General Reports on Cyber Security at Army Engineers, Payment Authorizations for Combat Vehicles and Cost Identification at Air Force | Contractor Pleads Guilty to Afghanistan Fraud | DoS News: GAO Says Further Studey Needed On Contract Support  | INTEL News: IARPA Seeks Input on Secure Multiparty Comms | GAO Reports On Contract Personel And Background Checks | FED CORNER:  John P. Carlin, Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security, USDOJ | News Of Note: Lawmakers Want To Protect Power Grid | VA Seeks Data On Metered Basis | House Faults Contractor In Navy Yard Shooting | Air Force Launches Enhanced Site | Kaspersky Lab Discovers Cyber Spy Operation | Snowden Stole Passwords | Congress Rerverses Vet Pay Cuts | Navy Offers E-Training | Debt Ceiling Raised | Justice Ends Freeze | TSA Agents Protest | Obama Nominates Taylor for Intelligence Chief at DHS | Quote Of The Week
  • Weekly Insider for 2/10
    Deadline to show the Love!  Nominate YOUR Mentor! | Michele Leonhardt, DEA | Capacity Building Best Practices in Contracting for DHS & DOD | GTSC Blog:  Cyber Security Through Contracting; Sequestrations winners & losers | DHS News:  USSS on Cyber | GAO on TECS mod | Cyber at Agencies Insufficient | Companies Adjust after Snowden | Toothpaste bombs | SWAMP provides Cyber Resource | USCG Sequestration impacts | DOD News:  Chinese attacking Chemical & Defense | Cheating by Nuke personnel | GAO on Commercial Items | DOD needs Data Mining Mechanisms | DARPA offers Software | Drone Strikes Slow | Army Recruiter Fraud | B61 Nuke | Intel News:  Tech Firms VS NSA | ODNI seeks Metadata storage solution | FED Corner:  Richard Ginman, Director, Defense Procurement & Acquisition Policy, DOD | News of Note:  Congress Unveils APP Challenge | Healthcare.gov can’t handle errors | Fed Violates Hatch Act with tweets | Target Apologizes | ICE, Chertoff Group honored | AF-HQ Adopts Enterprise Email | Power Station Attacks | Citizens Unsatisfied with Govt | Hagel Praises Audit progress | Scamming Soldiers | Electronic Health Records | FISC | Quote of the Week:  Abraham Lincoln
  • Weekly Insider for 2/3
    February 19:  Michele Leonhardt, DEA | February 21:  Capacity Building:  Best Practices in Contracting for DHS & DOD | GTSC Blog:  Understanding GSA Cyber Security Acquisition Rules | DHS News:  ICE Enforcements | FEMA | GAO | CBP Grounds Drones | Merchant Marines | DOD News:  C4ISR increase | Army | DOD IG | GAO on DOD Pay Designations | ODNI News:  World Threat Assessment | National Security Orders | DOS News:  Keystone Pipeline | Mentor Deadline Nominations Due February 14 | Fed Corner:  Bill Weinberg, ICE | NEWS OF NOTE:  CTOs in charge of IT? | GTSC CEO Named Contributing Editor at CGW | Death Penalty for Tsarnaev | SpyEye | Minimum Wage | Military Behavior | War Ends in 2014 | CBP in Border Rico | Rogers to NSA | F-35 Fighter | Quote of the Week: Vince Lombardi

January 2014

  • Weekly Insider for 1/27
    Feb 19 Insight Session:  Michelle Leonhardt, DEA  | Feb 21 Capacity Building:  Best Practices in Contracting for DHS & DOD | GTSC Blog:  Best Value or Best Price?  Is there really any debate? | DHS News:  Budget | Cuts to OCIO | Sec to the Border | Flood Insurance | DOD News: Blackberry wins | Cyber, Cyber Cyber | DOD-GSA Acquisition & Cyber  | Nukes | Conferences | DOS News: OIG on Cyber | Diplomatic Security | NIST:  Cyber | NSTIC | Deadline to nominate a mentor:  February 14 – show some love! | NEWS OF NOTE: White House Budget | SEC Focus on Cyber | Cyber Attacks | Linking Cloud and Cyber | Coburn to retire | Telework Calculator Launched | Quote of the Week:  Albert Einstein
  • Weekly Insider for 1/21
    Insight Session with DEA Administrator Michele Leonhardt | Capacity Building:  Best Practices for DOD & DHS Contracting | White House Issues PPD 28 on Signals Intelligence | Lawmakers Support PPD 28 | Defense Initiatives Need Closer Evaluation | DOE’s Nuclear Funding at nearly $1 billion in Omnibus | Agencies Need to Improve IT Dashboard Data | Issa, Connelly launch Cloud Computing Caucus | Flood Insurance Program Still Needs Monitoring & Reporting Improvements | Appreciate your Mentor?  Nominate them today! | TSA Issues Guidance & Tracks Screener Performance | GTSC APP of the Month:  Secure Your Mobile Phone | Data on Cruise Ship Crime Falls Short | News of Note:  Free Tax Services for Military | Strategic Plan on Human Traficking Released | January is Human Traficking Prevention Month | DOD Warns of Crisis if Personnel Growth Costs Continue | DOD Prepares Small Arms Shipment to Iraq | DOD warns of Erosion in Technological Superiority | How to Navigate the SBA’s 8(a) program | Military Recruiting Challenges Ahead | KCG Completes FEDRAMP Approved Cloud Assessment | VA Announces $600 M to Homeless Veteran Familieis | DARPA looks to Space | Rep. Buck McKeon Retiring | DHS SBIR Closes Jan 22 | Nominate a Small Business for an SBA Award! | Quote of the Week:  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Weekly Insider for 1/13
    January 15:  Outlook for CBP 2014 | January 17: Insight Meeting with Robert Carey, Principal Deputy CIO, DOD | From the GTSC Blog:  Mitigating Insider Threats:  5 Easy Steps | GAO Calls for More Consistent Response by Agencies to Personnel Info Breaches | More Oversight Needed of Employee Use of DHS Fleet Vehicles  | Border Security:  DHS’ Efforts to Modernize Key Enforcement Systems Could Be Strengthened | GAO Recommends Army Improve Stationing Process | NOMINATE your mentor with GTSC & Government Contracting Weekly! | FDA Strategies to Protect Food Supply Against Terrorism | 2014 IC Analyst – Private Sector Program Details | John Roth, Nominee for DHS IG, Testifies | CBO’s Approaches to Reducing Defense Spending | News of Note: Jihad Jane Sentenced to 10 Years |  | Boyle new GC Alion | Human Trafficking | 106 Indicted for SS Disability Fraud | National Guard to Host UAV Research | FAA Names Six to Develop UAS | SBA’s 8(a) Program | Best Practices in Federal Contracting: DHS, DOD | Free SBA Preparedness Webinar | Ariel Sharon | DHS SBIR | SBA Awards | Quote of the Week: Colin Powell
  • Weekly Insider for 1/6
    Outlook for CBP | Nominate Your Mentor Today! | DOD’s SBIR Needs to Collect More Reliable Data on Tech Transfer | GAO Recommends DHS Correct Management and Administration Data Errors | DHHS Directed to Provide More Accurate Medical Countermeasure Spending | FPS Faces Challenges with Contract Guards & Risk Assessment | DOD Directed to Reassess National Guard HQ & Management | Technology Trade Groups Want Relief from China-sourcing Rules | Judge rules NSA’s collection of telephony metadata is legal | DHS Secretary Confirmed; Others Resign | Federal Leaders Corner:  Alejandro Majorkas | News of Note: FBI Successes | TSA Recounts Milestones | Intelligence Community Top Place to Work | DOD Recertifies Imminent Danger | FEMA awards $2.7m for mitigation | CBP Partners with Industry | Terror Attacks in Russia | USCG to the Rescue | FREE SBA Preparedness Webinar | DOD Advancements | Navigate the SBA’s 8(a) program | Best Practices in Federal Contracting:  DHS & DOD | WHS Raises $28,000 for BPFQuote of the Week: Ralph Waldo Emerson

December 2013

  • Weekly Insider for 12/23:
    2013 Retrospective on Government Contracting Weekly
  • Weekly Insider for 12/16:
    Airport Infrastructure Key Limitation of Aviation Security | DHS Attempts to Improve Morale and Fill Senior Leadership Vacancies | Former Chief Privacy Officer of DHS on Privacy Office Annual Report’s | Small Business Lending Fund Should Include Methods to Isolate Program Impact | New GSA SBA Rules Go Into Effect in the New Year  | CBO on “Putting Our Veterans Back to Work Act 2013” | Deborah Lee James Confirmed as Air Force Secretary | Eagle Ray Names Brian Stygar CTO, Gregory Williams CSO | FEDERAL LEADERS CORNER: Stacia Hylton, Director, U.S. Marshals Service | NEWS of NOTE: TEDAC’s 10 Year Anniversary | NIBRS Report for 2012 | Insider Threat | Silicon Valley Refocuses on Cybersecurity | Quote of the Week: Henry Stanley Haskins
  • Weekly Insider for 12/9:
    Supply Chain Security: Reducing the Vulnerabilities:  New speakers | Protecting the DoD Supply from Counterfeit Electronics | Christine Fox named Deputy Defense Secretary | Federal Data Consolidation Estimated at $22 million by CBO | NIST Calls for Change in Report on Joplin Tornado |Tandem NSI Invests in Virginia Technology | Barbaricum Ranked Among Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies | GTSC and Government Contracting Weekly Launch Mentor Award Program | Eagle Ray, Inc. Acquires Kore Federal | Strengths-Based Performance Management | Delivery Drones? | WHS Raises over $20,000 for Border Patrol Foundation | Tips for Twitter | Quote of the Week: Nelson Mandela
  • Weekly Insider for 12/2:
    Supply Chain Security:  Reducing the Vulnerabilities | DOD & GSA Must Track Bundling More Closely | GAO Recommends Better OMB Guidance on Disaster Relief Funding | FEMA’s Progress on Implementing Post-Katrina Act Provisions | CBO Estimates on INTEL Authorization: New Info Assurance Requirements for Contractors | House Homeland Chair McCaul Expresses Concerns Over Number of DHS Vacancies | Join us at GTSC’s Holiday Awards | NEWS of NOTE:  Cyber Monday, Instagram Page Outs Informants, NORAD Tracks Santa |Quote of the Week:  Race Car Legend Mario Andretti


November 2013

  • Weekly Insider for 11/25:
    Supply Chain Security | Personnel Security Clearance:  Reforms Still Needed | DSS Updates Information Assurance Guidance | DOD’s Budget Estimates more optimistic than CBO Analysis | Maritime Security:  Challenges in Key DHS programs | Actions Needed to Improve DOD’s Planning for Complex Catastrophes | GTSC Holiday Awards | GTSC APP of the Month:  TSA | Small Business Saturday | Jobs
  • Weekly Insider for 11/18
    Continued Efforts Needed to Address Internal Controls at DHS | Future Funding for Behavioral Indicator program at TSA not recommended | Feds Must Leverage Best Practices in IT Acquisition | GTSC Award Winners Announced | November is Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Month | December 12: The National Security Supply Chain: Reducing the Vulnerabilities | GTSC & Linden Resources Discuss VetsReady2Work on FedNews Radio | SBA Offers Vets No-Fee Loans | JOBS:  LeapFrog Solutions Needs VP, Strategy & Business Development
  • Weekly Insider for 11/12
    Veterans Small Business Week | November is Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Month | December 10: GTSC Holiday Awards | December 12: The National Security Supply Chain: Reducing the Vulnerabilities | GTSC & Linden Resources Discuss VetsReady2Work on FedNews Radio | Is Your Business Really Prepared for the ACA? | GTSC is Looking for an Associate
  • Weekly Insider for 11/4
    November is Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Month | Welcome to GTSC’s New Members | November 7: GTSC on IACCM’s Ask the Expert:  Trends in Homeland Security Funding | December 10: GTSC Holiday Awards | GovSwitch: People on the Move | NOMINATIONS for the Federal Small Business Champion of the Year | Benda, McNamara & Wilkinson join GTSC as Strategic Advisors | Premier Guide to Analytic Writing | Deciding to Pursue 8(a) Certification | GTSC is Looking for an Associate

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