GTSC Hill Day!

GTSC Hill Day!

Join GTSC for our day to bring our voice to the Hill!

June 22, 2017 | Cornerstone Government Affairs
8:00 am – 4:00 pm – GTSC Members only.

Your success is dependent on A LOT of things.  Perhaps most overlooked by small and mid-sized companies is the role of Congress in developing, determining, and ultimately appropriating the budgets that support your companies.  One day per year we ask our members to join us — to learn more about where the money to fund your contracts comes from, understand Congress’ priorities, and advocate for continued support of the small business community.

We will start with a briefing and breakfast on current legisltative efforts at Cornerstone Governmet Affairs with an introduction to our agenda for the day.

We will then meet with Senate and House leaders in the relevant committees and personal offices of the legislators who develop and oversee management of homeland and national security issues, in addition to those tasked with small business concerns. Participants will represent the small and mid-sized contracting community and will discuss issues related to your business in addition to challenges affecting the federal homeland and national security market, including but not limited to midtier company challenges, small business growth issues, oversight, budget and management. Stay tuned for a more detailed agenda — we look forward to seeing you!

Special thanks to Cornerstone Government Affairs for supporting this important day!